Order for Disclosure of Information - 24 January 2020

The Inquiry orders the NZDF, GCSB and NZSIS to disclose information not previously disclosed relating to the individuals alleged or believed to have been killed during Operation Burnham. Read the full text here [PDF, 93 KB]. 


Confidentiality Order - 12 December 2019

Interim confidentiality order in respect of all oral evidence taken by the Inquiry from witnesses in private who are not covered by other confidentiality orders. Read the full text here. [PDF, 29 KB]


Order for Disclosure of Information - 16 August 2019

The Inquiry orders the NZSIS to produce all relevant material that it holds, including documents provided by overseas partners or containing information derived from overseas partners. Read the full text here [PDF, 75 KB]. 


Order for Disclosure of Information - 3 April 2019

The Inquiry wishes to obtain personnel lists from other Crown agencies of staff involved in the matters under investigation. Read the full text here [PDF, 96 KB].


Ruling No 1 – 21 December 2018


This summary is provided to assist in the understanding of the Inquiry’s proceedings but does not constitute the official record. The full Ruling is available at the link below.

This Ruling sets out the procedures that the Inquiry will follow in the conduct of the Inquiry henceforth. It comes after the submissions made and the public hearings conducted by the Inquiry upon its Minute No 4 in September 2018. That minute stated the Inquiry’s provisional view on the procedure to be adopted  This Ruling  provides reasons for the approach now taken on procedure, the process for reviewing classified material, the confidentiality of witnesses and it contains orders as to the provision of information to the Inquiry by Crown parties. The Ruling makes a commitment to a series of future public hearings in order to be as open as is practicable in the circumstances. Due to its length and complexity the Inquiry has provided a Media Release [PDF, 26 KB] to summarise its approach.     

Read the full text here [PDF, 1.7 MB]

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